The True Cost of Our Clothes

If you watch one thing this week please make it The True Cost.  It’s streaming on Netflix right now, which is where I ran across it.  This powerful documentary shows us the real cost of our clothes – the disregard of worker rights, the environment – all for cheap, disposable, trendy fashion (fast fashion).

This movie opened my eyes to how much I am contributing by purchasing from environmental and socially irresponsible companies.

I did some more research and found lots of great blogs including Life, Style, Justice that has this wonderful guest post on the garment industry.

Thankfully, it’s easy to change the way we shop!

From this day forward I will strive to have at least 80% of my clothes come from ethical companies.  I will define ethical companies as companies that use at least one if not more of the following: organic fabrics, fair trade practices, socially responsible factories, USA made, and donations to social/environmental causes.

I plan to continue my Five Piece French Wardrobe Challenge, because I believe that having a small wardrobe is also an important step in a sustainable direction.  The tools I learned here about a minimalist wardrobe are still completely relevant.



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