Travel Diary / Lago de Garda

With my imminent trip to Spain, I’ve started to get nostalgic of past holidays spent in Europe.  Here are some pictures of northern Italy, almost exactly 6 years ago.166It had been two years since my internship in Tuscany when I made my way back to Italy.  This time I traveled up north to Riva de Garda, a small town right along the banks of Lago de Garda.  It was marvelous to travel to another part of Italy that looked very different than the region I knew so intimately.  Being back in Italy felt so good; a time to practice my Italian and indulge in all the foods I had missed.  Riva is very small, you can see everything in a few days, but there are tons of surrounding towns that are a quick bike or ferry ride away.  And its compact quality has a lot of charm; you can easily get to know your local grocer or settle into a pattern of afternoon dips in the lake.







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