Travel Diary / Mallorca



Here are some more pictures from my trip to Spain this last September.  After leaving Barcelona we flew to the island of Mallorca.  It’s a really short (less than one hour) flight from Barcelona and could easily be a weekend trip from the mainland.  Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands; it’s more well know neighbor is the party island Ibiza.  We spent 3 days on the island, staying in the old medieval capital, Palma.  Palma was larger and more urban than I imagined, with all the modern conveniences of beach front restaurants, department stores, farmers markets and easy public transportation.  My favorite part of the trip was taking a 1920s train from downtown Palma to the beach town of Soller.  Soller is nestled in the Serra de Tramontana mountain range, an area travel guides had recommended visiting, and since we didn’t rent a car we thought that the train would be the best way to explore Mallorca.  It rained during our day in Soller but cleared up right before we left, just in time for us to get an epic view of the mountains.







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