Garden Envy / Filoli

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20140501_130253Filoli is a country estate from the early 20th century, now preserved as a historic site for everyone to enjoy.  It is located in Woodside, 30 miles south of San Francisco.  Being there gave me that luxurious Downton Abby feel (minus the giant castle estate of course, but still with impeccable formal gardens and a swoon-worthy ballroom and study).  I was in my not-so-elegant gardeners clothes, having received a behind the scenes tour of the propagation facilities.  But next time I will visit wearing my finest vintage, with cocktail in hand, and insist that everyone play cricket!



Hello Spring!

Living in a place where the weather rarely deviates, and summer is marked by 3 months of fog, it can be rather daunting when you don’t feel the change in seasons.  But every once and a while something will occur to remind you of the passing days.  Right now in Golden Gate Park all the iris are in bloom announcing spring.

irisCalifornia native Douglas Iris (Iris douglasiana), and its cultivars